70% of Your Wealth is Trapped Inside Your Business!


How are you going to "Cash Out" (without being clobbered by taxes),

Retire and not Outlive Your Money?


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Kevin Bought & Sold an ENR Top 20  Specialty Contractor and Later Discovered Their Company, Buyers and Sellers Overspent



  • The vast majority of businesses fail to sell or transfer to the 2nd generation. 

  • In most exit plans the government may get more money than the owner (Over 60%)

  • Avoid overpaying MILLIONS in unnecessary taxes from uncoordinated "cookie cutter" advice.

Our Free Video Series Will  Prepare You for a Successful Exit and Could Save You Millions

"Kevin and Joe are the Industry's  #1 Best Selling Authors, Voices and Thought Leaders for Exit Planning"

Beacon is a "One Stop Shop" creating customized "Do it For You" financial blue prints with several favorable tax strategies for the owner's exit.  

Amazon #1 Best Seller 2018

Best Business Book of 2019

     1st Place - Golden Stevie® Award  

What Got You Here... Will  Not Get You There...


What made you a successful contractor are not the skills needed for a successful exit.


You probably recognize your multiple advisers are not communicating in the multi faceted exit planning process.

This uncoordinated process could end up costing you millions!

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