70% of Your Wealth is Trapped inside Your Business!

How are you going to "Cash Out" (without being clobbered by taxes), Retire and not Outlive Your Money... or change your lifestyle?

Welcome to the World of Exit Planning.

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Kevin Bought & Sold an ENR Top 20  Specialty Contracting Business and Discovered Later Their Company, Buyers and Sellers Overspent


Learn to Avoid My Expensive Scars and Bruises

  • Over 70% of businesses fail to sell or transfer to the 2nd genertation

  • In most typical plans the government can get more money than the owner in this transaction .

  • My team overpaid MILLIONS in unnecessary taxes because of "cookie cutter" advice. Beacon can show you how to avoid these mistakes.

  • Beacon's one stop "do it for you" shop will reveal the hurdles, minefields and tools for you sell to your mangers, family and employees.

This Five Free Video Series Will  Prepare You for the Exit So You Can Succeed and Hopefully Save You Millions

"Kevin and Joe are the Industry's  #1 Best Selling Authors, Voices and Thought Leaders for Exit Planning"

Beacon creates customized plans for owners  who need professional "Do it For You" advice and a  personal blue print with several options for their exit.  What is your plan to monetize your business nest egg that is over 70% of your wealth... without being clobbered by taxes?"

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Best Business Book of 2019

     1st Place - Golden Stevie® Award  

What Got You Here... Will  Not Get You There...

What made you a successful contractor are not the skills needed for a successful exit.

You probably recognize your present advisers are not specialist in the multi faceted exit planning process.

This could end up costing you millions!

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